College planning
10 Important Steps in College Planning
  1. Begin saving as soon as possible for your teen's college education.
  2. Help your teen choose the right classes to fulfill the South Dakota college prep model.
  3. Emphasize to your teen that studying and working hard in school will produce huge benefits in college.
  4. Determine interests.
  5. Match career to interests.
  6. Find colleges that fit the selected career.
  7. Visit colleges and submit applications. Select the best fit college from those admitted to.
  8. Estimate how much you are expected to pay.
  9. Determine scholarships you qualify for as well as other financial aid and loan programs. Take the right courses for the SD Opportunity Scholarship program.
  10. Prepare for the high school to college transition. Planning for orientation and for coping with freshman adjustment issues is important for your teen's immediate and long-term success in college.
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