Why College?
Preparing for the future--and making the right decisions about life after high school--is an important job! Choices made starting in the 7th grade and beyond impact lifetime opportunities. For that reason, South Dakota students and their families should begin now to carefully plan for a student’s life after high school.

With the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship focused on taking the right courses while in high school, these decisions become even more important! Students who take college prep courses in high school, maintain an un-weighted 3.0 GPA, and score at least a 24 ACT, may qualify for the state’s Opportunity Scholarship, worth up to $6,500 over four years of college study.

Education is an investment in a person’s future. The average cost of a public university education in South Dakota is $8,569 a year for tuition and fees--a cost easily covered by most federal grant and loan programs and foundation scholarships. The public university foundations distributed $15 million in scholarship funds last year. A modest investment can translate into lifetime earnings of more than $1 million for those who graduate from college, compared to a high school graduate. And don’t forget the added benefits of health insurance, retirement, and vacations that come with positions requiring postsecondary education.

In today’s world, at least 80 percent of high school seniors find themselves participating in some type of post-secondary education. In South Dakota, students may choose from nearly every career or occupational field imaginable at the six public universities, nine independent institutions, three tribal institutions, or four technical institutes. But to ensure success, students need to be prepared for the post-high school world.

Preparing for postsecondary education DOES make a difference. Making the right academic choices in middle and high school is very important!

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