Why now?

The steps you take now will have an impact on expanding your options once you graduate high school.  Start planning now!

Take the Right Classes
The choices made and the classes taken in middle school matter now and will matter in high school.  Choose courses that will challenge you, study hard and earn good grades.  Take high school courses such as algebra, foreign language, geometry, and science.  These courses will allow you to move ahead in high school and ensure that you are prepared for college level coursework. 

Start Exploring Your Interests
Start thinking about the careers that you might be interested in when you earn a college degree.  Use the internet to explore careers, work with your middle or high school counselor, or use resources available through the South Dakota MyLife portal.  You might even consider asking friends and relatives about their careers and what they like most and least about their professions.  Research South Dakota college websites and visit their campuses because its never too early to plan for college.

Remember, college preparation means being ready academically and financially.

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