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______ Take interest and skills assessments to help you explore careers options.
______ Talk with your school counselor about career options and the education required for those careers.
______ Talk with your parents about saving and paying for college.
______ Talk with friends, teachers, counselors and your parents about college.
______ Check if your school requires 10th graders to take the PLAN to prepare for the ACT.
______ Participate in extracurricular activities.
______ Review your high school class plan. Take the most difficult classes you can handle. Stay focused on your   
______ Sign up for classes that will earn college credit during your junior year through Advanced Placement, International 
            Baccalaureate, Postsecondary Enrollment Options or College in the Schools.
______ Explore internships and apprenticeships.
______ Enroll in a summer enrichment program.
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