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_____ Decide what careers you are interested in and which colleges fit your needs.
_____ Review the courses you have signed up to take...are you on track?
_____ Request admissions information and college catalogs if you haven’t already done so.
_____ Develop a financial plan for college.  You can afford to go to college.

_____ Attend college fairs.  

_____ Retake the SAT or ACT if you need to better your scores.
_____ Do a follow-up visit to your top three to five college choices.
_____ Request forms for scholarships and financial aid from the colleges you have selected.

_____ Review financial aid information and deadlines.
_____ Start out your admissions applications (check on due dates).

_____ Pick up a financial aid form (FAFSA) from your high school counselor.
_____ Gather necessary information to fill out the form in January.
_____ Finalize your admissions applications and get them in the mail.

_____ Submit your FAFSA after January 1st and before the end of February to receive the best possible financial aid 
_____ Are you eligible for the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship?

_____ Consider taking Advanced Placement or College-Level Examination
_____ Program exams, if you didn’t take them your junior year.
_____ Start narrowing down your college selections.
_____ Ask your high school to send a copy of your transcript to the colleges you have selected.

_____ Check with your selected colleges’ financial aid offices to ensure you do not have any incomplete items.

_____ Watch for acceptance letters and financial aid awards from your selected colleges.  Compare packages.  Confirm with
          your college which ones you are accepting.
_____ Make your final college selection and notify colleges you will not be attending.
_____ Make sure you are completing your college filing system.

_____ Send final transcript and write thank you notes for scholarships.
_____ Register for a summer orientation at your selected college.
_____ Check to see what you need to do to register for classes and make tuition payments.

_____ Finalize plans for college.  Complete your college filing system.
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