Scholarship Opportunities
South Dakota Public Institutions have available tremendous opportunities regarding scholarships.  The key is to decide early, even as early as January, which South Dakota or University you wish to attend and then apply.  Once accepted, apply for scholarships specifically granted through the selected school.  You will be surprised how beneficial these scholarship awards are in meeting your financial college needs.  See also the Communities and South Dakota Scholarships for additional great scholarships to investigate and help you meet your financial resource goals.

Below are highlighted some of the special scholarships at each of the South Dakota Public Institutions.
ACT Score
Admittance Deadline
 Buzz Bonus 27 or higher
 $1,000   Earliest is best.  Considered based on when application to university is accepted. Buzz Bonus Info
    21-24  $500      

Presidential Champion Scholarship 28 or higher $2,150 - 4 year renewable  3.0 Rolling application. Presidential Champion Info

WolfPACT Scholarship 30 or higher
 $12,000 (President's Meritorious Scholarship)
 3.0 March 1.
(All payable over 4 years)
WolfPACT Info

Tech Challenge Scholarship
    Admit to college by first business day of February. Tech Challenge Info

Jackrabbit Guarantee
24 or higher
$1,000 per year renewable scholarship
  January 25.
Jackrabbit Guarantee Info

Coyote Commitment   $3,000 per year
 3.0  March 15.
Coyote Commitment Info
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