Financial Aid Options
Understanding your financial options is a critical part of planning and paying for postsecondary education.

Below you will find links to Web sites that provide information on managing money, dealing with credit and debt, and consumer protection information as well as links to help you understand and access Federal student financial aid, scholarships, and Stafford loans.

Federal Application for Federal Student Aid Financial Aid Clearinghouse Page.  Our core mission is to ensure that all eligible individuals benefit from federal financial assistance—grants, loans and work-study programs—for education beyond high school. The Federal Student Aid team is passionately committed to making education beyond high school more attainable for all Americans, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Scholarships Available to Students of SD Public Institutions
The State of South Dakota offers several scholarships that are available to South Dakota residents who choose to study in-state.

Reduced Tuition Programs
The South Dakota Board of Regents offers a number of tuition reduction programs for which you may qualify.

College Savings Plans Network
Saving.  The College Savings Plans Network is a national non-profit association dedicated to making college more accessible and affordable for families. Our web site provides detailed information about 529 college savings plans and allows you to compare plans from around the country.

College Savings Calculators
Saving.  The online calculators help determine projected college costs so you can know how much to start saving now.

Tax Benefits and Prepaid Tuition Plans
Tax Benefits and Prepaid Tuition Plans.  Find information on ways to help finance your child's education, including an education IRA.

Sources of Federal, State, and Private Financial Aid
Borrowing.  Financing post secondary education with private loans or credit cards usually means far higher interest rates than federal student loans.  This link offers better options through Federal, State and Private organizations.

Federal PLUS Loans and other Federal Options
Borrowing.  The Federal PLUS Loan program is another option for funding post secondary education. Visit this link which describes  PLUS Loans as well as other federal loans, grants, and work-study.

Financial Aid Clearinghouse Page
FinAid has earned a stellar reputation in the educational community as the best web site of its kind. It's comprehensive, it's informative, it's objective -- and it's the first stop on the web for students looking for ways to finance their education.  Learn More>>

Funding Your Education
General information about the U.S. Department of Education's federal student financial aid programs. It is designed for high school students and others considering entering a post secondary school for the first time

Looking for Student Aid
A short brochure covering sources of Free Information About Student Aid and using Scholarship Search Services

Stafford Loan Cancellation for Teachers
The Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program is intended to encourage individuals to enter and continue in the teaching profession. Under this program, individuals who teach full time for five consecutive, complete academic years in certain elementary and secondary schools that serve low-income families and meet other qualifications may be eligible for forgiveness of up to a combined total of $17,500 in principal and interest on their FFEL and/or Direct Loan program loans. (Note: As of August 14, 2008, an otherwise eligible borrower may qualify for forgiveness if the borrower has provided qualifying teaching services at one or more locations that are operated by an educational service agency.)
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