Choosing The Right South Dakota College
South Dakota public universities and technical institutes are located in a variety of geographic locations throughout the state.  There are a number of things for you to consider when choosing which of these institutions best fits your programatic needs and interests.  Think about how you would respond to the questions below and then use the map below to review the public campuses and off-campus centers located throughout the state.   
  • Degrees - Does the college have the programs you want?
  • Cost - How does the cost compare to private or out-of-state institutions?  Are significant merit- or need-based scholarships or grants available?
  • Size - Would I prefer to attend an institution in a rural or urban area?
  • Location - Is the institution located close to home, and if so would I prefer to move further away to be more independent?
  • Activities - Does the college have the activities you are interested in?
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