College and Career Ready Curriculum
While college might not be in your immediate future right now, it is critical that you work to complete a rigorous high school curriculum that will allow you to pursue the complete range of postsecondary pathways that are available to you. Below
are the classes that make up the South Dakota College and Career Ready Curriculum along with the suggested grade level the classes should be taken.

South Dakota College Prep Model Program of Study

8 Algebra I
English American History
Physical or Earth Science
Algebra II
World History
American Government  Chemistry
Advanced Senior Math
Economics, Geography, Psychology, etc. Physics

If you chose not to complete a College and Career Ready Curriculum you:
  • Will not meet the admission requirements of all public institutions in South Dakota.
  • Decrease your chance of being college ready once you arrive on campus.
  • Would fail to meet the academic eligibility requirements to compete in Division I and II athletic programs at colleges and universities throughout the country.
  • Decrease your chances for graduating with 4-6 years (22%) compared to those meeting readiness benchmarks (75%).
  • Are ineligible to receive some forms of financial support (SMART and Competitiveness Grants) that are available to needy students.
  • Tell employers that you will need additional training to obtain the skills needed to enter the workforce upon graduation.
  • Increase your chances of having to complete developmental coursework which not only extends the time to degree completion but also increases the overall cost of your education.
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