Take the right classes and do your best!
1. Enroll in the right courses. Below is the South Dakota Public Institution Model Program of Study.  Use this as a guide through high school to achieve the classes needed for higher consideration of scholarships, higher ACT scores and better positioning class wise in college.
South Dakota Public Institution Prep Model Program of Study
8 Algebra I
English American History
Physical or Earth Science
Algebra II
World History
American Government  Chemistry
Advanced Senior Math
Economics, Geography, Psychology, etc. Physics
Students who take the college prep curriculum in high school score higher on ACT tests:
College Prep Curriculum
Non-College Prep Curriculum
Students who take Advanced Placement curriculum will earn college credit while in high school.

The more math you take in high school the better you score on the ACT math sub-test:
 Less Than 3 Courses of Math
 Less Than 4 Courses of Math
 Completed Prep Courses
2. Read lots! David Storper, president of Bethesda-based Prep U Tutoring, said, “The common denominator among the very best test-takers is a strong background with books. This is usually a habit that starts at a very early age...The problem that many students face is that they are only reading assigned books from school, which can be less than inspiring.”

3. Develop practical housework skills. This may not seem to have much to do with college, but it does. Remembering to take the trash out each Friday, water the plants every other day, wash clothes on Monday, cook dinner Wednesdays and manage money wisely. You will find you will be self-sufficient enough to juggle a college workload while doing all the other necessary chores of life.

4. Go on a family road trip and visit a South Dakota Public Institution. It will be fun for the whole family to get to know about the campus together.

5. Take a foreign language. This can be with CDs or at school. Most middle schools do not require a foreign language, but nearly all offer some classes.

6. Character counts. Being truthful with good morals is critical to your life and your career.

7. Get a hobby. "Embracing a hobby or pastime is the key to career success and life satisfaction," said Zac Bissonnette, author of the recent college admission guide "Debt-Free U.” He advises middle-school parents not to “let yourself or your kid get caught up in the rat race of mindless achievement. Take time to think, and take time to play.”

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