Welcome Transfer Students!
Millions of students each year transfer between postsecondary institutions due to geographic displacement, institutional fit, or a desire to pursue new programmatic opportunities.  The South Dakota Public Institutions have a number of resources that make it easy for South Dakotan's to return to the state or even transfer among institutions through the use of a common catalog and articulation agreements.  The goal of this section is to provide the assistance needed to help guide you through the process of selecting a major, positioning yourself financially, making the move to register at a South Dakota Public Institution.  Most importantly, resources are available to assist you in transferring the college credits that you have already earned to help ensure that you find the institution that move you more rapidly toward degree completion.  You will also read about others who have been in your same situation who had considerable college credits from outside institutions, were able to transfer those credits to a South Dakota Public Institution, and found the process to be a good experience.

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