General Studies

Many adult learners make the decision to return to college but soon determine that many of their credit hours do not count toward a degree, or that two or more years of coursework will be required despite having completed more than 75% of the required credit hours.  To address this issue the South Dakota Regental system established the Bachelor of General Studies program to serve this unique group of students. Designed primarily as a “parachute program,” the degree is intended to provide a lifeline for individuals who fall short of completing degree requirements in professional fields.  A sizable number of adult learners just short of degree completion come from programs such as teacher education, nursing, pharmacy, and engineering.  Many are within just a few credits of degree completion when considering the total number of credit hours completed. 

However, many of their degree paths are derailed due to an inability to be admitted to programs with enrollment caps, an unanticipated relocation, or a failure to recognize career interests until just prior to graduation.  When these students reach this particular benchmark (sometimes just a semester away from graduation), it is difficult to transfer into other degree opportunities without a future that requires 2-3 additional semesters of coursework.  To participate in this particular degree program, students are able to use existing coursework across three emphasis areas (15 credit hours in each) to total 45 credit hours.  Students can select from among nine different emphasis areas that include:

  • Allied Health
  • Business
  • Education
  • Fine Arts
  • Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Science, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Technology
  • Wellness

If you feel that you would benefit from this particular degree program, please feel free to contact representatives at any of the five institutions listed below.  This program is also available for those who may be interested in completing their coursework online or at one of the three universities centers in Pierre, Rapid City and Sioux Falls.

            Black Hills State University

            Dakota State University

            Northern State University

            South Dakota State University

            University of South Dakota

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